Reposting on Instagram & Why You Should Be Doing It

Why share another user’s content on your Instagram?


Reposting from another user’s account on Instagram is all about relatability, authenticity, and trust.  Strengthening the relationship between your brand and the audience you’re attracting.  Reposting on Instagram creates a direct line of communication between you and your followers as well as show acknowledgement and appreciation for what others in your community are doing.

Reposting others aligned posts also encourages the creation of more user generated content.  According to global research company Ipsos, people trust user generated content 50% more than any other type of media and 86% of millennials say UGC is a good indicator of a brand’s quality.


User generated content?


By definition, user generated content is any form of visual media that is created by users of an online system, made accessible via social media.  User generated content on Instagram is gold for marketing. It provides a chance for followers to involve themselves more personally with a brand while also reducing marketing costs given that the content is being created by your audience.


Photo by Nicolas LB


Here are four significant ways UGC helps to support brands with a solid foundation for successful marketing and consistent growth:


  • Content creation: Users are creating high quality visual content everyday.  User generated content provides an unlimited source from which to choose what will most resonate with your target audience and always keep your marketing campaigns fresh.
  • Brand amplification: User generated content allows brands to directly engage in real conversations with followers on social media.  80% of a marketing campaign’s reach comes from social amplification.
  • Trust generation: Social media is the new word of mouth.  People are 92% more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know more than any other form of advertisement.
  • Increased conversion: Brands whos marketing channels include user generated content see higher conversion, click throughs on links, and average sales value.


Now that you understand some of the why behind reposting, it’s time to break down a bit more of the how and when to go about it.


First and foremost, always check before you repost


An Instagram term of use, proven best practice, and universal law in our opinion is to ask permission from the original content creator before deciding to share what someone else has made from your page or profile.


There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Comment on their photo and start a conversation: Comment on the original photo and tag the original poster saying something like “Hey @xxxxxx, we love how this speaks for our community!  Would you mind if we shared it on our account? We will give you full credit on your photo when we post!”
  • Send the original poster a direct message on Instagram: Screenshot the post you are wanting to share and message the original poster using similar wording.  Then send them a screenshot letting them know which photo you’re referring to.
  • Contact the content creator through email to discuss getting explicit permission


When asking for permission to repost another user’s content, always be sure to mention that you will credit them for the creation or capturing of the photo in the original post.  

You can credit someone by including their username and a short mention like “Photo by @xxxxxx” or “Thank you @xxxxxx for sharing this awesome photo” in your post caption.  Also, considering that caption text gets buried quickly try to include your credit text within the first three lines so it is visible without having to open further.


Photo by Daniele Riggi


Ready to #regram


On most social networks the ability to repost is a feature already woven into the platform’s functionality.  With Instagram however, this is not the case. Not to worry though, there are a few great third-party apps that integrate well with Instagram and make reposting or “regramming” quite a bit easier than having to screenshot and crop every piece of related content you want to share.


Popular reposting apps include:



Repost for Instagram


Repost It Whiz for Instagram


When reposting a photo on Instagram, don’t forget to include the #regram hashtag in your post caption.  This will help you gain more exposure with other users and brands incorporating user generated content into their social strategy.


4 Ways to Incorporate Reposting and User Generated Content Into Your Instagram Strategy


  • Monitor tags, mentions, and hashtags: The notifications you set up on Instagram can also be great sources of user generated content.  Create branded hashtags for people to include in their posts and get discovered for a repost. And always be on the lookout for new tags or mentions that could be a good source of content for your Instagram feed.
  • Recognize and repost content from your community: It always makes people happy to receive recognition for their efforts and the content they create.  Reaching out and asking to share others content on your brand’s profile is a good way to show your appreciation as well as find new brand ambassadors for your products or services.  A good way to do this is to run a contest with a monthly giveaway for the best aligned post and acknowledging those who submit entries through direct messaging.
  • Repost user generated content from events: Presentations, meetups, and live events are perfect opportunities to create content.  If you’re putting together your own events, ask users to post including the event’s hashtag.  This way anyone attending or showcased at the event provide you with a wealth of great content to repost on your Instagram.
  • Celebrate milestones to inspire user generated content: Another great way to inspire your team members and followers to create and share user generated content is to acknowledge and celebrate key events or the accomplishment of important milestones.  


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