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Learn how Speedy Story can help you grow your business and brand online.

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Advanced Targeting

By targeting via hashtags, usernames, locations, gender, and types of users accounts we can refine and reach specific users that we know will actually want to follow you and care about the content you produce.

Create Community

Speedy Story is a service that drives targeted traffic to your Instagram account to increase brand awareness, engagement, followers, and generate leads for your business. You can expect additional exposure that helps you build a community of raving fans online.

Focus On What You Love

We want your Instagram following to grow but not your workload. Let Speedy Story do the heavy lifting to drive traffic to your account while you are freed up from mundane repetitive tasks. We allow you to save time and energy so you can focus on the things that you love to do like building your business or creating awesome content.

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Who We Are

Instagram family, we are so happy that you are one step closer to taking life into your own hands. This is the age of the digital entrepreneur and we hope to bring you closer to your best life!  We created Speedy Story so we could help creators, influencers, and brands have more freedom to spend time doing what they truly love!

We are a passionate group of young entrepreneurs that wants you to succeed because we've done it ourselves!  We learned the hard way, the long way, so we know the struggle intimately, as they say, the struggle is real, and we don't want you to have to deal with that the way we did.  We learned so much through the journey of life and continue to learn from the best on how to grow accounts, what makes a good brand, how to monetize and so much more.  We are taking all of that knowledge and experience to create a platform that will help you succeed because when you win we win.  If dialing in your social media feels daunting don't worry as our team of social media experts will be here to help you every step of the way.

Let's not kid ourselves here.  We don't want to say that there is one easy quick fix for everyone because it all comes down to one key point, if you are creating content that targets the wrong audience no matter what you do you won't grow.  We can help you understand how to align your brand message with your target audience to optimize your growth.  We want people to follow, engage, and support you and your brand.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us as we would love to help you grow.

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How We Do

What We Do

Story Viewer

Increase brand awareness by viewing thousands of other peoples stories everyday. Every time your name shows up in someones feed it’s a link directly back to your account. Increase your exposure with this extremely powerful technique to drive new targeted visitors to your account.

Story Reactions

Start hundreds of potential conversations with your target audience. Create a spark with an emoji reaction to a story and then turn it into an authentic conversation to build meaningful connections with your new followers.

Hashtag & Username Targeting

Target users based on the hashtags or look-a-like audiences based on what other influencers, brands, or users are posting. If someone is following another user that does something similar to you then you know they will most likely enjoy your content as well.

Advanced Targeting

In addition to hashtag and username targeting you can get even more specific to ensure you get higher quality engagement. Target users based on gender, type of user whether they are a business account or personal account, and even down to specific geo-locations such as countries, cities, or popular landmarks.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to help you setup & optimize your account. We are here with you every step of the way to ensure you are setup for success because when you win we win.


Want to block a competitor, an ex-partner, or perhaps you just don’t want to interact with the type of content a particular user is posting. With the blacklisting feature you can make sure that our team will never interact those users.

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No Spammy Feel

No bots, software, or scripts

Bots, scripts & software are dead.  As of August 2019, it is almost impossible to grow your account through these old school methods with Instagram's most recent update to their API.  Our team is 100% compliant with Instagram's terms of service.  We're an agency that believes in doing things the right way growing your account under the guidance of an account manager.  Don't compromise your account with services that are not managed by real people.

Stand out from the crowd

How We Are Different

  • Dedicated account manager to help you setup & optimize your account.  Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on what you love to do. Create amazing content!
  • Avoid wasting your time targeting people that aren’t even interested in your content.  With our advanced targeting techniques you will reach higher quality followers that actually care about the content you post.
  • We are a social media marketing agency, content creators, and experts in social media strategy.  Unlike other companies setup overseas as quick cash grabs or data mining operations we have been in this industry for over 10 years because we love it  It shows in our customer service, dedication to our clients, and the results we deliver.