Speedy Story drives traffic to your account by targeting Instagram users that are interested in your message, services, and products and authentically engaging with their profiles.  This ensures you are connecting with like minded people that will love the content you post.  We guarantee that you will love Speedy Story. Don't believe us?  Give it a try for free by signing up for a 5 day free trial and see the results for yourself.  You have nothing to lose and a community to create!
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Common Questions

How many Followers can I expect to gain?

It depends on which plan you are on, and even then there is no guarantee on a specific number.  Speedy Story isn’t a bot service, which means we are not going to add 10,000 fake Followers to your account in a 24 hour span.  This is organic growth that drives real followers that actually care about the content you post to your account.

If you are solely focused on gaining followers than Speedy Story is not the company for you as we are an engagement engine that helps our clients create communities around their product, service, or message.  Focusing only on gaining followers misses the entire point of social media which is to connect with like minded people.  Many people forget that behind every single follower is a person looking to create a more meaningful connection with a person, brand, message, or idea.  When you focus on authenticity you gain real followers that want to support your growth and spread word about what it is you are doing to their friends and family.  The best marketing vertical of all time is still word of mouth referral.  As they say, in the turtle rabbit race the turtle wins the race.  Slow and steady until you snowball into the recognition that you deserve.

There are a lot of factors that lead to an increase in engagement and following, with the largest being the consistency of your posts and stories, quality of your content,  how you engage with your Instagram community, how large your target demographic is, and most importantly what targets you are using in Speedy Story.  With a little trial and error to tweak your settings just right you'll be optimized and growing in no time.

I’m afraid I may get blocked or blacklisted. Will that happen to me?

We understand your concern.  We will work with you to make sure your account stays below Instagram’s thresholds.  Additionally, you can turn on/off any feature of Speedy Story’s service on your account dashboard or by emailing your account manager at [email protected].

We have been in the social media space for over 13 years, so we know Instagram’s terms of use and algorithmic limitations inside and out.  As such, we operate at about 80% of Instagram’s limits which allows you to continue to comment, like, and follow casually without any fear of being banned.  However, we recommend that you do not sit down for hours on end liking, commenting, and following, as that is what you are hiring us for.

The primary features that may get you blocked is a follow campaign and a like campaign.  These two campaigns have been targeted heavily by Instagram and we default them to the off position.  However, if you want to use them you do so at your own risk.

In the rare even that you do receive a temporary hold on your account for a specific feature, know that it is only temporary and it only relates to that specific feature.  Please notify the support team so we can adjust your account settings accordingly to minimize such occurrences.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

We are so confident that you will love our service that we offer a 10-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.  All of our plans offer flexible month-to-month service so there is no cost to cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your subscription at anytime.  You can easily adjust your plan from your dashboard or reach out to your account manager and they can make the change for you.

How soon will my account be active after signing up?

You should have received an email from your assigned account manager with further instructions on setting up your account within 10 minutes of signing up for Speedy Story. If not, you may be in queue to have your account set up, please allow up to 24 hours for an initial response from your account manager. If you have not heard from your account manager within that timeframe, please email [email protected] and we will prioritize setting up your account.

Who will be managing my account?

Here at Speedy Story we have a dedicated team of Account Managers who will be monitoring your account and its success closely.  After all, your success is our success so we want to work with you to help you grow.  When you sign up for our service you will receive a welcome email from your dedicated account manager.  You can always send us an email at [email protected] and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

How do I see what activity is happening with my account?

There are several ways to get insight on what is happening with your account.  The first and easiest way is to shoot us an email at [email protected] and ask! We also offer a variety of reports and stats that can be sent to you upon request.  Another great tool to see how we are interacting for you is to navigate on your Instagram account to “Settings > Account > Posts You've Liked”.  Here you can see all the posts we have liked on your behalf.

Am I still in charge of producing content?

Absolutely.  You are still commandeering the ship and in charge of your Instagram account.  Our job is to bring Followers to your doorstep so you can open the door with your content.  We will focus on growth and engagement, taking the tedious non-revenue generating work off of your plate so you can focus on what you love to do.

Additionally, we do provide content creation, curating, and overall account management, at the Enterprise-level.  If you are interested in hiring us as your complete social media solution we can have an Account Manager discuss that opportunity further with you.  Feel free to schedule a call with us at your earliest convenience.

So what are the next steps?

First and foremost you have to select a plan to get started.  If you are unsure about what plan to select you can schedule a call with us and our team of experts can help you determine which plan will suite you best.

Once you are signed up you will then receive an e-mail with further instructions from your account manager on how to activate your account.  After you take the necessary steps to activate your account then you will begin to see growth on your Instagram as Speedy Story will begin to drive traffic to your account.

If you need additional help setting up your dashboard you can email or schedule a call with your account manager to make sure that your account is optimized and growing properly.

Need Help Choosing A Plan?

Our core team has been in business for over 22 years and knows which pitfalls to avoid and the right path to take when it comes to growing an organic audience online.  Don't make the mistakes that other businesses do by engaging in unsavory black hat tactics that may lead to your account being banned or penalized.  Get in touch with us and we can help assist you in finding the right plan to fit your goals.

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